Welcome to Cash for Clothing

We are cash buyers of new and old dead stock clothing and used men's clothing: clothing in bulk, bales, unwanted used clothing, thrift store leftovers-- from old work wear, old Levis denim, sweat shirts, to tee shirts. We are looking for over 100 kinds of clothing.

We service all of the USA with competitive prices with reliable and professional staff to get you CASH in your pocket!

Call and cash in now at 503-780-6316!

We Buy Vintage Clothes

We buy Vintage Clothes 1970’s and older, especially men’s vintage clothing which is harder to find than women’s vintage. We buy clothing from across the U.S.A. and abroad and pay for shipping. All you have to do is box up your clothing and call us to arrange a pick-up. Once your clothing arrives we will review what you’ve sent, price the vintage pieces and call/email you with pricing and mail out payment or send your cash through PayPal.

If you can send a few pictures before shipping, it’s a plus but not required. We just want to make sure that the clothing is in fact vintage and items that will sell. Colorful and youthful styles are most marketable. Prices vary depending on how rare, what condition, and current market fashion trends. As with all collectibles, some items are popular but not real valuable, other rare items can be very valuable, such as, military jackets, Hawaiian shirts and vintage denim.

We get a lot of inquiries about selling “My Grandmother’s Fur Coat.” As you know, fur gets a bad rap and isn’t easy to re-sell, even great vintage pieces. We do buy a select few furs, men’s fur coats and jackets, Eskimo fur parkas and higher quality fur evening coats with consideration that these items are difficult to sell and may stay in our stock for a very long time which require care and upkeep. Our furs are sometimes sold to crafters who reuse the fur for handmade bears, Santa’s and other fine artcrafts.

Often reproductions are mistaken for originals, most often in the area of Vintage Concert Tee Shirts and Vintage Levi’s. It’s helpful if you know where your clothing came from to know its authenticity but if that isn’t possible we can help you determine its age. We’re here to answer your questions, just send us an email if you think you’ve run across a piece that may be valuable. Some of our long-time clothing pickers sometimes call us while at thrift stores or checking out a garage to find out if a piece is valuable. We favor buying men’s vintage clothes more than women’s but we still purchase womens. We also buy vintage posters, collectibles and various Americana memorabilia. In addition to getting CASH in your pocket, you're helping the environment by recycling and reusing.

Items we pay cash for:

  • Vintage 1980’S & Older
  • Levi’s Denim
  • Denim Chore Jackets
  • Denim Shirts
  • Cowboy Shirts
  • Western Shirts
  • Cowboy Boots
  • Tee Shirts
  • Band Tees
  • Beer Logo Tee Shirts
  • High School Sweatshirts
  • USN & USAF Sweatshirts
  • College & University Sweatshirts & Tee Shirts
  • Sweat Shirts & Hoodies
  • Concert Tee Shirts
  • Disco Shirts
  • Retro Shirts
  • Bell Bottom Pants
  • Hip Huggers
  • Mini-skirts
  • Short-shorts
  • Ponchos
  • Leather Pants
  • Leather Jackets
  • Motorcycle Jackets
  • Police Jackets
  • Unmentionables
  • Victorian Era Clothing
  • Edwardian Era Clothing
  • Flapper Dresses
  • Swing Dresses
  • Cocktail Dress
  • Eveningwear
  • Tuxedo’s
  • Racing Jackets
  • Racing Patches
  • Gas Station Uniforms
  • Hippie Clothing
  • Pendleton
  • Ralph Lauren (Blue Label)
  • 60’s & 70’s Leather Belts
  • Vintage Boots (work wear)
  • Women’s Vintage Shoes
  • Men’s Vintage Shoes
  • Bowling Shirts
  • 60’s Mod Clothing
  • Gunne Sax Dresses
  • Shearling Jackets
  • Bomber Jackets (not reproductions)
  • Football Team Sweaters
  • Letterman’s Jackets
  • Varsity Jackets
  • Letterman’s Sweaters
  • Leather Members Only Jackets
  • Jog Tops
  • Adidas Jog Tops (1980’s & Older)
  • Nike (Orange Swoosh tag, silver & blue tag)
  • Navy Pea Coats
  • Leisure Suits
  • Men’s Suits (1970’s & Older, striped, plaid, bold colors)
  • Beer Logo Sweaters
  • Mickey Mouse Sweaters 1970’s & older
  • Navajo, Southwestern Print Sweaters
  • Blanket Pattern Jacket & Coats
  • Southwestern Print Jackets & Sweaters
  • Izod Sweaters
  • Surfing Swim Shorts
  • Men’s Swimming Trunks
  • Men’s Bathing Suit, swimsuit
  • Women’s Bathing Suits, swimsuit
  • Women’s 70’s Blouses
  • Some really unique 1980’s New Wave, wild & colorful
  • 80’s Ocean Pacific corduroy shorts
  • 80’s Ocean Pacific shirts
  • Tommy B
  • Patchwork Clothing
  • Woolrich & Hudson Bay Hunting Jackets
  • Parachute Pants
  • 60’s Pencil Pants
  • CPO Jackets
  • Picture Print Retro Shirts
  • Biker Jackets
  • Men’s Vintage Robes, bathrobes
  • Ford, Chevrolet, Corvette, etc. t-shirts & jackets
  • Automotive work jackets, satin jackets
  • Cowichan Sweaters
  • Fur Trimmed Hooded Parka
  • Vintage Patches & Stickers
  • Vintage Lee & Wrangler Jeans/Jackets
  • Engineer & Motorcycle Boots
  • Red Wing Work Boots
  • Some Designer labels

You can donate your old clothing for a small tax credit or you can get real cash in your pocket. When you sell us your Vintage Clothing you're doing something that is environmentally green by recycling for some real green--CASH!

We service all of the USA with competitive prices by reliable and professional staff to get you CASH in your pocket!


We buy bulk container loads of used clothing. Prices vary on the size load, mix of clothing and location.

Clothing & Textiles We Buy:

  • Rags, Bulk Clothing, Baled Clothes & Textiles
    • Credentials
    • Towels
    • Sheets
    • Mix Clothing
    • White Cotton Mix
    • House Hold Rummage, curtains
    • Industrial Laundry
  • Used Shoes (container loads)
    • Usable Wearable Shoes
    • Paired with rubber bands
    • Belts & Purses
  • Recycleables
    • Liquidations
    • Seconds
    • Close-outs
    • Store Returns
    • Storage Units
    • Mobile Phones
    • Plastics, clear plastics
    • CD’s
    • Estates
    • Scrap Metal
    • Precious & Semi-precious metals

We service the lower 48 States with competitive prices with professional staff. We buy overflow donations from thrift stores, senior centers, church charities, humane society stores and community centers. Your clothing, textiles and recyclables get exported to Africa, India and other countries, some get cut for wiping cloths and some go to other charities. Everything in the recycling industry gets used and reused which helps all kinds of businesses and individuals along the way! Recycling is awesome!